The Learning for Life Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust which was established on 1 August 2015 and in time will incorporate a number of academies in or neighbouring Cumbria. The Trust is a DfE approved charity that can sponsor academies to ensure that every pupil achieves the highest possible levels of attainment and achievement within a rich learning environment.

The Learning for Life Trust vision is founded upon the belief that

“All schools should achieve academic excellence and produce lifelong learners in a safe and nurturing environment”

The Learning for Life Trust is governed by a Board of Directors who are committed to this vision and the Trust’s Values which can be viewed here. The Trust Board consists of respected members of the local community from different sectors, including education, law and the nuclear industry. This breadth of experience and knowledge means that our Trust celebrates the unique characteristics of each school whilst working collaboratively and offering support to achieve the best possible outcomes for all.

The Trust is proud of its lead school, Fairfield Primary School who was commended by the Local Authority in September 2013 for its seamless transformation into one of the largest primary schools in the county. After only one year of its creation, Ofsted praised the hard work and dedication of staff and governors to “bring out the best in every pupil” and the formation of “an ambitious senior leadership team with the capacity to drive further improvement”.

The Trust would like to work in partnership with other schools in a new and innovative way, to make a difference and establish ourselves as a centre of academic excellence in educational provision.