What is a MAT?

A MAT is a single legal structure that is responsible for maintaining, managing and operating multiple academies within it.

A board of trustees is appointed to govern the MAT but often there is delegation to local academy level committees, commonly known as local governing bodies. Every academy trust has articles of association, its legal governing document, that sets out the governance composition and procedures for the academy trust.

How will our MAT be governed?


Alex McCarthy, Sian Spencer, Emma Kidd, Jim Cowan

Board of Trustees

Vicky Bennett, Oliver Nicols (Chair), Craig Smith, Chris Steele, Andy Cooney

Local Governing Body

Vicky Bennett, (Chair) Oliver Nicols , (Vice Chair),  Craig Smith, Andy Cooney, Sally Sapsford, John Stephens, Holly Woodhead, Michelle Edmondson, Catriona Collings, Rachel Atherton (Associate)

What are the benefits of a MAT?

  • —Strong collaboration with shared accountability; helping schools to meet rising expectations.
  • —School leaders and teachers can share their thinking and planning to spread expertise and tackle challenges together.
  • —Governors can come together to discuss strategic thinking, combine skills and support each other during challenging times.
  • —Economies of scale for shared services; facilitating and improving management of shrinking budgets.
  • —Retention of skilled staff by extending career opportunities across the whole organisation. Ambitious staff can be shared across more than one school thus enabling schools to find solutions to recruitment challenges and to open opportunities for effective succession planning.
  • —Shared professional development can be more easily arranged, whether led by staff from one of the partner schools or by an external body.

Looking to the future

  • —The school is beginning discussions with other Primary Schools who wish to learn about MATs.
  • —The school is establishing networking groups for middle leaders in this school to lead on and share best practice with other schools.
  • —The school is hosting a conference and offering invitations to other schools.
  • —The trustees will seek out funding to improve our facilities: Through the Conditions Improvement Fund (CIF) we will continue with refurbishments and explore the possibilities for other projects such as developing playground space.
  • —Should the school roll continue to grow and school places become an issue, the trustees will look into the possibility of a opening a Free School which reflects and matches our vision and meets the aspirations of the school community.
  • —As further schools join the MAT the trustees will need to look to creating an Executive Business Model which will provide Headteachers of each school with the capacity to be leaders of learning and support them with other aspects of the running of the MAT e.g. Accountancy, Finance, Health & Safety, Leaders of Learning who are non-teaching. This would be a central facility for all schools within the MAT.