What We Offer

Come and join our MAT

Leaders of the Learning for Life trust share a strong sense of moral purpose and an aspiration to improve the quality of teaching and learning as one of the key drivers for adopting a MAT model. It is our belief that we can build on existing partnerships with other MATs, work collaboratively with schools joining our trust and support schools to improve attainment. The MAT model will also allow us to capitalise on other benefits including:

  • Sharing best practice
  • Economic benefits, such as centralised services
  • The ability to focus funds where they are most needed
  • Increased and flexible staffing resources
  • Keeping a centralised knowledge bank of policies and procedures which are kept relevant and up to date.
  • Pooling and sharing training and development resources
  • Increasing access to extra -curricular activities for pupils, including residentials
  • The opportunity to establish succession planning programmes and, in doing so, retain good staff who might otherwise move on – including Headteachers.

There is a clear expectation that our trust works to make a difference with the schools we will work with and to establish ourselves as a centre of excellence in educational provision.

The idea of working in partnership is important to us. We use this approach in a way which is creative and which will allow our young people to achieve their full potential.

Equally, the MAT model offers a school the potential to retain its unique characteristics and maintain its own local governing body; it also offers Headteachers a high degree of autonomy in leading their schools, whilst giving them the freedom to focus on teaching and learning.

A strength of a Multi Academy Trust is the ability to offer so much more.

Fairfield Primary School’s conversion to a MAT was seamless; successfully involving staff and the local community in the conversion process. The Learning for Life Trust would use this experience and knowledge to assist your school through the challenges of conversion by:

At the initial stages

  • Discussing the options and implications of becoming a member of a MAT

During the transition

  • Offering practical assistance, sharing knowledge of the conversion process in particular in relation to the provision of services; consultation with staff, parents and the community; administrative and financial changes
  • Share our knowledge and research of governance structures within a MAT
  • Assist with the production of your school’s local governing body’s Articles of Association
  • Enable access to our established networks with other successful MATS and exemplary practice and success outside of the county
  • Access to experienced School Business Management Support